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“I bought this book for my friend’s grandchildren. Her 7 grandchildren love looking for ‘the football’. Interactive books are such a wonderful way to keep children’s attention.”
-Sherri D.

“My eight year old son and four year old daughter still love reading this book after having it about a year now. In fact my son brought it down to breakfast this morning. And even though my daughter can’t ‘read’ yet, she was reciting each page to our one year old over breakfast when it was her turn with the book. TristanGreat fun little board book for kids of all ages!”
-Veronica Y.

“I recently received this book and read it to my grand daughter and grand nephew, both toddlers. They loved it and kept saying, “again, again!” I probably read it at least half dozen times and they never tired of the book. It didn’t take long for them to figure out how to lift the flaps and they loved lifting them to help Johnny find his football. I am amazed that a 12 year old wrote this book! The book is great for little kids and is a great gift. I highly recommend it for anyone with toddlers in their family.”
-James W.

“Here is a picture of our son, Benjamin at Christmas.  boy Since he has received this book, it has become his favorite. He reads through it at least twice a day.”
-Andrew and Leslie Leach

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