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Where’s My Football? Available at these stores:

Buy on AmazonIn Denver, Colorado:

  • 32nd Avenue Books Toys & Gifts
  • The Bookies
  • The Tattered Cover Bookstore
  • The Bookbar
  • Timbuk Toys

In Loveland, Colorado:

  • Jax Mercantile

In Parker, Colorado:

  • Locker Room Sports

In Salida, Colorado:

  • The Book Haven

Or Online at Amazon.com and local Denver metro area hospital gift shops.


moonbeam-trMoonbeam Children’s Book Awards Bronze Medal for Best Book
by an Author Under the Age of 18

ccmagCreative Child Magazine Board Book of the Year

cipa-trColorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Merit Award

About the Author

JohnnyNdadHi! I’m Mairead Nye. When I was 12, I wrote and illustrated a book called Where’s My Football? It’s a lift-the-flap board book for little kids. It’s about a little boy named Johnny who lost his football and is looking all over the place for it. But where can it be?

My little brother Johnny inspired me to write it and my grandmother helped me publish it.

I noticed a lot of kiddie books had too much story per picture and I wanted something simple that I could read with Johnny. I designed the book so little children could lift the flaps and follow along with Johnny as he searches for his lost football under his bed, a chair pillow, the trampoline, an upturned trash can and in his closet as their parents read the story to them.

You can order the book from my grandmother’s publishing company, Bristlecone Publishing, in Lakewood, Colorado. Just go back to the home page and click Buy Now at the bottom of the page. Or you can buy it on Amazon.com now!

Hope you like it!